France Hydrogène is involved with many partners to expand its ecosystem, to support the positions of the sector and to facilitate the networking between stakeholders to develop projects and collaborations.

French institutions

France Hydrogène collaborates and interacts with all the services of the Government, in particular the ministries and secretariats of State involved in the topic of hydrogen, and their different general directions – among others (non-exhaustive list) :

  • the Ministry of Economy and Finance and in particular the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE)
  • the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in particular the Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) and the Directorate General for Risk Prevention (DGPR) on regulatory issues
  • the Ministry of Higher Education and Research 
  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • the Ministry of the Sea
  • the General Secretariat for Investment

France Hydrogène is a member of the secretariat of the National Hydrogen Council (CNH), a structure under the authority of the Minister of the Economy and Finance and the Minister of the Ecological Transition, and co-chaired by two industrial companies, Air Liquide and Faurecia. The National Hydrogen Council’s mission is to assess the good progress of the actions planned within the framework of the National Hydrogen Strategy in order to identify, if necessary, any obstacles or new actions to implement.

France Hydrogène is co-pilot of the hydrogen project for the Industry Strategic Committee of the New Energy Systems and actively participates in the work of several Industry Strategic Committees (Industry-State consultation authorities, led by the National Industry Council).

The actions of France Hydrogène are supported by ADEME.

At the European and international level

  • Member of Hydrogen Europe, its counterpart at European level, France Hydrogène is involved in its Executive Board and represents the national associations,
  • Member of the Clean Hydrogen Alliance placed under the authority of the European Commission, France Hydrogène participates in particular in its “industrial applications” round table,
  • Member since September 2021 of the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance, which aims to promote international cooperation on hydrogen, alongside 13 national organisations representing the hydrogen energy industries.

Professional organisations

France Hydrogène has developed numerous partnerships with stakeholders in the energy, industry and mobility ecosystems :

  • France Industrie which is the professional organisation representing Industry in France. It brings together 28 industry sector federations, including France Hydrogène, and the chairmen of 46 large private and public companies operating in all industrial sectors,
  • AVERE France, the national association promoting the development of electric mobility,
  • EVOLEN, the French association of companies and professionals working in the field of energy,
  • ATEE, a professional association whose aim is to promote energy efficiency on a technical basis, to provide information on environmental issues related to energy and to support renewable energy. France Hydrogène is a member of its Energy Storage Club,
  • Coenove, an association bringing together the key stakeholders in the gas sector for the building industry,
  • MEDEF International which supports French companies in their international development and with whom France Hydrogène has created an International Hydrogen Task Force,
  • CCI FRANCE, the national umbrella organisation of the 122 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI). CCI France represents and defends the interests of 3.8 million companies,
  • PEXE which federates the networks of companies of the ecological transition. France Hydrogène is a member of its Executive Board,
  • The Richelieu Committee is a network of innovation and growth companies. France Hydrogène contributes to the Innovation Observatory for start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps,
  • GESIP, the community of experts dedicated to the improvement of industrial safety, the sharing of knowledge and the monitoring of regulatory changes,
  • Afpa, the National Agency for Adult Vocational Training, is a major actor in vocational training and support in France.