General Delegate 

Christelle Werquin General Delegate
As General Delegate of France Hydrogène, I represent all our members to the public authorities at national and European level, as well as in relations with all the stakeholders and partners in the ecosystem. I also ensure that our Roadmap is in line with the challenges of the sector. LinkedIn

Communication Department

Stéphanie Paysant Communication Director
Communication is an essential strategic lever. Our mission is to acculturate all audiences to hydrogen : professionals, users and decision-makers, companies and local authorities, and soon the large public. We develop and provide appropriate content to increase the visibility of hydrogen and the stakeholders in the sector and to make the topic ever more accessible. LinkedIn
Alexandra Bachot Communication Officer
As a Communication Officer, I contribute to the the elaboration of editorial and digital communication, through internal and external communication tools and projects (information supports, publications, press releases) for our members and partners of the hydrogen sector in France. LinkedIn
Amélie Raud Communication and Events Officer
I participate in the implementation of France Hydrogène’s events as well as the events of the sector in which France Hydrogène is involved. I am also in charge of providing information for Vig’hy, the Hydrogen Observatory, in particular the mapping of projects, stations and factories. LinkedIn

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Territorial Relations Department

Jan-Erik Starlander Head of Territorial relations
I manage our local delegations and the community of France Hydrogène’s member territories. Elected officials and local authorities contributors : I am your contact to help you develop projects involving the production and use of hydrogen on your territory. LinkedIn

Expertise Department

Emmanuel Bensadoun Head of Expertise/Studies
My role consists of coordinating the various roadmaps and studies in connection with our working groups on the issues related to the deployment of the hydrogen sector in France. LinkedIn
Thomas Gauby Project Officer
As a Project Officer in the expertise department, I am in charge of mobility, territorial ecosystems as well as skills, professions and training within the association. LinkedIn
Rémi Courbun Project Officer
I work closely with our members on the evolution of the regulatory framework which applies to hydrogen and the safety issues related to hydrogen. I also contribute to studies on the role of hydrogen in industry and its contribution to the French energy system. LinkedIn
Mirjana Milanovic Project Officer
As a Project Officer in the expertise department, I work on the specifications and the rationalisation of the databases, participating in the data collection and processing activities. I also contribute to the enrichment and implementation of the technology and market watch. LinkedIn

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Institutional Relations Department

Maxime Sagot Head of Institutional Relations
In charge of Institutional Relations, I ensure the follow-up and monitoring of political and legislative activities regarding hydrogen at the French and European levels. In collaboration with our members and partner organizations, I contribute to the elaboration of positions for the hydrogen sector and coordinate the representative actions carried out by France Hydrogène towards the political decision-makers. LinkedIn
Simon Pujau Institutional Relations Officer
As an Institutional Relations Officer, I contribute to the follow-up of legislative and regulatory activities related to hydrogen, at the national and European levels, and to the communication of France Hydrogène’s positions to political decision-makers. LinkedIn
Ana Sofia Torres Diaz Trainee Project Officer
As a Project Officer in the Institutional Relations Department, I support the team in monitoring regulatory developments and political activity on hydrogen issues at French and European level. LinkedIn

Administration/Finance Department

Helena Aloung Essia Administration Officer
In charge of the Administration, I am in general the contact point for the members of France Hydrogène and I also supervise their integration within the association. LinkedIn