France Hydrogène is representing the interests of the French hydrogen and fuel cell sector : industrial groups, research centres, associations, competitiveness clusters and local authorities.

France Hydrogène’s objective is to ensure that hydrogen energy is recognized as an essential solution for the success of the ecological transition. It brings together all the stakeholders who are working to develop the hydrogen sector in France through the implementation of research, experimentation and deployment projects. Thanks to its working groups, it provides technical, economic and regulatory expertise to the stakeholders in the sector and to public authorities.

Members of France Hydrogène :

  • Subscribe to the commitments to fight climate change defined by the Paris Agreements and participate in efforts to improve air quality,
  • Acknowledge the major contribution of decarbonized hydrogen technologies to achieve these objectives,
  • See hydrogen as a way to decarbonize many sectors of the French economy: industry, transportation, construction,
  • Consider hydrogen as a vector for integrating renewable energies into the French energy system and interconnecting the electricity and gas networks,
  • Support the different ways of producing decarbonized hydrogen (or carbon-free),
  • State that hydrogen provides real employment opportunities and ecological and economic growth for French industry,
  • Are willing to act together to succeed in ecological transition thanks to hydrogen and to create value on the French territory.