In 2021, France Hydrogène published the study ‘A road-map for an ambitious hydrogen strategy’ which divided the national strategy into two scenarios. In this study - part 2 of the ‘Road-map for an ambitious hydrogen strategy by 2030’, France Hydrogène compares two potential scenarios, Ambition and Ambition+ with the on-the-ground reality of projects already begun or planned by the industrial sector and local and regional governments.

France Hydrogène carried out an unprecedented data collection exercise in the 12 regions of mainland France covering over 250 projects and local distribution networks and evaluating the roll-out of the hydrogen sector using the following criteria :

  • Low carbon or renewable hydrogen installed production capacity,
  • The various end uses of hydrogen (for industry, energy, transportation),
  • The current state of resources and limiting factors insofar as these will act as a brake on the extent to which production capacity can be harnessed.

Download the executive summary below :