A broad coalition of energy providers, shipping companies and NGOs – including France Hydrogène, several of its members, Hydrogen Europe and Transport & Environment - has called on the EU to introduce a minimum quota of 6% of sustainable and scalable hydrogen fuels by 2030 for the maritime sector.

With the FuelEU Maritime Regulation, the European Commission is proposing to support the uptake of renewable and low-carbon maritime fuels. Unfortunately, the current proposal fails to guarantee the competitiveness of sustainable and scalable e-fuels, and risks promoting cheaper, unsustainable fuels. The coalition therefore calls on the European Parliament and the EU Council to improve the proposal by including a dedicated e-fuels sub-target in FuelEU Maritime Regulation for renewable and low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives (ammonia, e-fuels).  

Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène, said: “Sustainable and scalable e-fuels, produced from renewable or low-carbon hydrogen, will be key to achieve the full decarbonisation of the shipping sector. The FuelEU Maritime Regulation must send a strong political signal in this sense, with the adoption of an e-fuel quota and of an incentive multiplier for using e-fuels. Both measures are decisive for a quick ramp-up of hydrogen and e-fuels and improve their competitiveness. The French hydrogen industry stands ready to take its part in the decarbonization of the maritime transport, especially given France’s potential to produce clean hydrogen with both renewables and nuclear. We now hope the co-legislators will seize this great opportunity to stimulate the hydrogen industry”.  

A list of all the coalition’s demands can be found here